Food Stamps For Food Security

Harsh and I have co-authored a piece on bringing efficiency and quality to food welfare:

Building on this broad political consensus, the Union government could design a comprehensives program that provides food security to India’s masses in the form of food stamps that can be encashed not just at government ration shops but also at modern retail chains and supermarkets built by global and Indian retailers. Such food stamps could be used to buy groceries, grains and packaged food at any shop, private or public. Any fraud or misuse of food stamps can be prevented by leveraging the UID program to target subsidies effectively – the benefit could even be delivered electronically via smart cards.

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Fund Students, Not Schools

Harsh and I have co-authored a piece on why public funding in education should go to students, not schools:

Poor parents also have voted with their small pockets and have said no to a “free” government option, because they know that private schools give a better education. We all agree that quality schooling should be available to one and all, then why only subsidize government-run schools? We should have choice and competition. We should fund students, not schools. Once we subsidize more private schools, albeit indirectly through students – even more new schools will be created.

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